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Health and Wellness coaching to fit your individual lifestyle.

Good health

starts from within.

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I am a board certified health and wellness practioner by the American Association of Drugless Practioners. I am a certified women’s wellness health coach, certified integrative nutrition coach, and certified Ayurvedic nutritionist.

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Holistic Approach

Together we can create an individualized plan to focus on your health and wellness concerns. I work with individuals on a one on one basis to help create sustainable results on their health and wellness journey.

Why Work

with Me

I am a board certified health and wellness coach who helps women in their 30's and 40's that are struggling with weight management, stress, and loss of energy to create sustainable wellness habits so they can achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

As women we go through many changes and stages in life. As a busy mom of two amazing kids, I know from experience how women can put their personal wellness on the back burner. I am passionate about wellness and helping others achieve their personal goals. Taking my health and wellness into my own hands placed me on this path to want to help others. On my wellness journey I have dealt with emotional eating, depression, post partum, weight loss, and weight gain. My experience with taking a holistic approach to wellness as a whole body system has helped create more balance, energy, and well- being in my own life. I am excited to help you find sustainable solutions towards your wellness goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

Together we can evaluate your current lifestyle and eating habits. We can create an individualized meal plan and create a better relationship with food choices. We can work together to create sustainable habits on nutrition to feel better mentally, physically, and increase energy levels.

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Women's Health

We can look at the areas that you would like to improve and set action steps to create a more balanced lifestyle. We will focus on nutrition, exercise, weight management, and the mind body connection.

*Our programs take dietary restrictions for health, religious, or personal reasons into consideration.

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Weight Loss

Together we will work on a personalized plan to achieve weight loss goals. Food journaling, discussing nutrition and current diet.

Kind Words from

Happy Clients

Marilyn has helped me focus on changing my diet and consistent weight loss.

Molly K.


Working with Marilyn has helped me better understand the relationship I have with food and how to handle emotional eating.

Carly F.


Since working with Marilyn I have been consistent and focused on my weight loss journey. She really listens to my concerns and helps me stay focused on achieving my health goals.

Sherry G.


Let's work together.

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